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Metron™ and Vizion™ are veterinary imaging software which form the heart of many leading DR (Digital Radiography) and CR (Computed Radiography) imaging systems.  With an installation base of over 3000 systems worldwide, it is a leader in the veterinary imaging space. 

With artificial intelligence at its core, Metron’s Intellect™ Module employs  of neural networks trained with veterinary deep learning techniques.  Artificial intelligence and neural networks are the future of medical software and Metron’s Intellect™ module is the first neural network in the veterinary industry.­ 

After several years of development, Metron Intellect™ module auto recognizes, processes and makes measurements of veterinary radiography images, bringing never before levels of efficiency and precision to the veterinary diagnostic needs.

Software Platforms Available

All of our software platforms feature an easy to use user interface, full DICOM compliance and the industries leading image processing algorithm – Lumina II. 

We offer a choice of Good, Better and Best for your diagnostic imaging needs.

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Vizion™and vizion dental™

Our family of software solutions begins with our Vizion™ imaging platform which provides veterinarians an easy to use image acquisition and display platform with image quality that exceeds the competition.

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metron 8™ and metron dental

Go beyond the basics with Metron 8. Full PACS and image acquisition are a staple in any practice’s imaging requirements.

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metron 8 + intellect™

You’ve had the basics, you stepped up to the Full PACS, now go the extra mile with intelligent imaging. Metron 8 with Intellect™ has multiple automated functions that speed up your imaging process giving you more time to take care of your patient.

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If you don’t need image acquisition, but still want all of the capabilities of intelligent software, MetronMind™ is the answer.

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Metron IQ is a subscription based veterinary software that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to read radiographs and provide measurements and interpretation for both Equine and Companion animal veterinarians. The AI software then creates a clear PDF report within a few minutes.


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