Metron-IQ Veterinary AI and Report Generation Portal

Metron IQ veterinary software employs artificial intelligence (AI) to read radiographs and provide measurements and interpretation. The AI software then creates a clear PDF report for you or your clients within a few minutes.

Metron-IQ uses neural networks trained by deep learning techniques to understand veterinary images.

With artificial intelligence at its core, Metron-IQ™ employs neural networks trained with veterinary deep learning techniques.  Artificial intelligence and neural networks are the future of medical software and Metron™ has the first neural network in the veterinary industry.­ 

Metron-IQ is particularly powerful in automatically measuring specific anatomy in images and displaying the results with an easy-to-understand histogram. It does some of the time consuming numbers analysis and frees the veterinarian to spend time on the diagnosis and treatment plan.

How Does it Work?

Metron-IQ is an AI-based assistant for the veterinarian. To best use any such system, it is important to know what it can and can’t do otherwise, faulty expectations can make the use of an AI assistant frustrating. The abilities in terms of scope and accuracy will be constantly evolving over the next few years as the neural network grows and develops. With understanding of the scope of Metron-IQ, you will find it is an extremely helpful tool.


For Equine:

Metron-IQ accepts radiographs of the whole horse, and photographs of the hoof. It recognizes the imaged anatomy — it knows 96 different radiographic views and 6 different photographic views.

For every image received, it adds one or more pages to a report.

Metron-IQ knows how to orient images – if they are received sideways or upside down, they are automatically rotated.

Some images that are not addressed further by AI at this time are placed on simple pages and just labelled.

The the following images, Metron-IQ automatically processes measurements  and they are documented in the report:

  • Hoof Lateral Radiograph
  • Hoof DP Radiograph
  • Hoof Lateral Photograph
  • Hoof DP Photograph
  • Hoof Solar Photograph

Reports can be edited by the user: pages deleted, pages re-ordered, pages electronically signed, comments pages added, notes added to any page, and results from the AI: image labelling, rotation, or mark-up — can be edited if needed.

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FOR Companion Animal:


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